Now Is the Time to Nag Volvo About That Shooting Brake

The Polestar 1, Volvo’s 600 horsepower hybrid coupe, is a sports car with a wonderful story. It comes from a design team that has put a lot of extra hours into rebuilding a unique brand, knowing very well that some of their most cherished concepts will likely never make it into production. But then Volvo bought 100 percent of Polestar, and it was decided to turn it into a standalone performance brand for Volvo Cars’ electrified vehicles.

The Polestar 1 started out as a 2013 concept, only to get shelved. Then, the idea got picked up following a “guys, this might happen” moment, evolving into the possibility of a future Volvo coupe named C90, based on the S90. But it was only two years ago when Volvo decided it should reach production as Polestar’s first car, a performance hybrid set for 2020. It is rare for parked concepts to get a second chance, let alone a third one.

Having ticked the hybrid sports car box with such an attractive carbon-bodied two-door certainly worth a few high fives, let us remember that out of Volvo’s trio of concepts, our outright favorite was the Concept Estate shooting brake. And the fairy tale surrounding the Polestar 1 grants us a pass for getting greedy.

They will also retain the Polestar 1’s exposed wiring in the trunk, which is a new interpretation of “showing what’s under the hood.”

Shooting brakes can be hard to justify from a manufacturer’s standpoint. Aston Martin can do them in ultra limited numbers to wow the world and Ferrari can produce them properly to satisfy all those V12 road-trippers out there. But at a reasonable price, shooting brakes are usually out of the question. Yet Volvo is a brand built on wagons.

They know that, and they also admit that there’s no technical reason why the Polestar 1 couldn’t turn into a shooting brake at some point. As Robin Page put it:

I wouldn’t say it’s in the plans at the moment, but maybe in the future? For the three previous concepts, everything was based on the SPA platform, and this is still based on that SPA platform, so…

Polestar is like fresh dough. They aren’t sure if they can sell more than 500 units a year, they haven’t figured out the price they want to charge for them, apart from the first trio of Polestars, the book is open for suggestions. It’s time to pick up your phone, flood their servers with emails, or poke your Volvo dealer in person.

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